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Resources to support CPS LAR 101

Getting ideas for your research question & understanding the research process

The first step is always reading the syllabus instructions for your assignment.  Once you have clearly in mind what the parameters of the assignment are and when it is due, think about what aspect of the subject you are interested in and write out your research question. Circle the keywords in the question and try to think of synonyms for those words that you could use to searching for scholarly articles.

Use a research calculator to help you set goals and target dates, so that you finish on time and hand in a quality paper.

Go to Google and type in:  research calculator

An example of a research calculator is:

Use your assignment due date and read about the steps you will need to go through and how much time you need to budget to complete your assignment on time.

Explore the facets of your subject and related subjects.

One option is to use the Topic Finder in our Gale Virtual Reference Library. Enter a term in the search box, then play with the terms that appear for your search term. Select one of the articles in the right column to get some basic background information and possibly a list of reliable resources on the topic.


Databases that may be good for your assignment

Help for writing citations

EasyBib helps you build a bibliography or works cited page by offering auto-citing many, many sources. But be sure to check the citations against your Hacker Guide and correct for style rules.

APA Style blog also can help with your APA citation questions. All those little quirks that aren't addressed in the standard EasyBib templates are answered here by APA experts!

The OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide from the Purdue Writing Center offers great help with formatting according to APA style.