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Federal Student Loan Repayment

This guide was created for IDS206 (Lincoln campus).

Guide Outline


Student Loan Information
Finding Laws & Regulations
Other Resources
Evaluating Websites

Citing Sources

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Federal Student Loan Information

The best place to look for information on federal student loans and repayment plans is the US Department of Education's website:

Here you will find not only a tab for student loans, but there is also a tab for laws pertaining to education.

Other URLs for student loan information from the Dept. of Education include

Each of these pages have a section on loan repayment.

Finding Financial Aid Laws and Regulations

Federal laws, such as the Higher Education Act of 1965, are published in the United States Code. Regulations are created by federal agencies to outline how laws are to be carried out.

The Federal Digital System -- -- from the Government Publishing Office, is the best way to find the text of laws and regulations. The following collections can be searched for specific laws and regulations:

  • United States Code - This collection includes laws dating back as far as 1994.
  • Code of Federal Regulations - This annual publication list regulations codified since 1996.
  • Federal Register - This daily publication includes any rules and regulations that may have been changed or have proposed changes since the previous publication of the CFR.

Other sites that you may find useful:

  • - This site is helpful for finding federal agencies, which can then be searched for regulations pertaining to the agency
  • Westlaw - Search on the Law tab for statutes (United States Code Annotated) and regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, and Federal Register)

Other Resources

If all the technical language confuses you, you may wish to find articles in newspapers and magazines that explain the repayment plans in laymen's language. You may find articles through a Google search, or you may wish to use a library database such as Academic Search Premier to find articles.

Evaluating Websites

Never refer to information on a website discovered through a search engine (e.g., Google) UNLESS you've evaluated it! Use the following criteria to determine its reliability:

Currency - Is there a date on the page? Do the links work?

Relevance - Is the content of the page relevant to your topic?

Authority - Who is the author? Who is the page sponsor?

Accuracy - Are there references on the page? Can you verify the information elsewhere?

Purpose - Is the page informational, or selling something? Is there biased language?