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THE311: Advanced Scenic & Costume Design

Help for finding resources on scenic and costume designers

Putting the play into context

Check out this context guide for August Wilson's play, The Piano Lesson, created for the play's production at the Olney Theater Center in 2014. It includes information about the playwright, his influences, and the world of the play's subject.

Databases for Theatre Set Design

Explore images, theater, art and architecture of various time periods with these reference databases:

Finding a designer or production

You've been assigned to study a production and/or a costume or scenic designer. Where do you begin to find a subject? Try these websites:

Research Tip

Word of advice -- If you want a lot of information on a designer, choose someone who's been around awhile. If the designer is just becoming well-known and hasn't designed for very many theatre productions, there will be little written about her/him.

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