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Federal Student Loan Repayment

This guide was created for IDS206 (Lincoln campus).

Guide Outline


Student Loan Information
Finding Laws & Regulations
Other Resources
Evaluating Websites

Citing Sources

More APA Help

Section/Subsection Symbol

If you are citing laws or regulations, you most likely will need to use the § symbol in your citation to indicate a section or subsection. This symbol is not on the typical keyboard, so how can you enter it?

Many word processors have a list of symbols you can insert and you may find it there. In Microsoft Word, for example, the § symbol can be found by going to the Insert tab at the top of the screen. Then click on the Symbol button, and then more symbols. Click on the "Special Characters" tab in the pop-up window; you should be able to find the § symbol about 10 characters or so down the list. Select it and click on Insert

There also are two keyboard shortcuts that will work for many word processing programs:

Hold down the Alt key and enter 0167

Hold down the Alt key and enter 21

More APA Help

If your citation manager/creator  doesn't have the type of citation you want to create or you have questions about a citation, you can check the APA Style blog to find answers.

For example, the blog explains how to write citations for: