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New York Times (Group Pass)

This guide explains how to create an account to use the library's subscription to the New York Times.

Register for Access

Follow these directions to register for a Group Pass, and receive full access to extensive breaking news and multimedia of the New York Times without a personal subscription.


  • From a networked computer on campus visit
  • Use your Doane College email address to create a free NYTimes account
  • You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the START YOUR ACCESS screen
  • Now you can enjoy seamless access to, and NYTimes mobile apps by logging in to your account from any location


Phones: Mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch (IOS 5.0+), Android (OS 2.1+), and Windows (7.5 O.S.) phones are included as part of Academic Pass.

Tablets: Sorry, mobile apps for tablets are NOT part of the Academic Pass. However, you can access the mobile site ( through the browser on your tablet.

Questions? Check out the FAQs in the right column of this page. You also may contact the library if you have any questions about the Library's subscription.