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BIO352: Genetics and Functional Genomics

Scholarly Journals

Use these journals to find literature reviews or systematic reviews on your topic. An open lock symbol means the resource is open-access.


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Predatory Publishing

Scholarly journals regularly require authors to pay a publication fee in order to have their work printed in the journal. This fee would cover costs associated with the academic publishing process, including the services of peer reviewers. "Predatory" publishers charge fees without providing the quality checks one would expect from a reputable journal. In other words, "predatory" publishers will accept money from authors and publish any articles, regardless of the quality of the article. See the Predatory Publishing Wikipedia page for more information. 

Beall's List was a list of predatory publishers maintained by librarian Jeffrey Beall until 2017. Beall took the list down for undisclosed reasons, but other versions continue to exist, such as the one linked below maintained by an anonymous source: