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Early Childhood Education

Using the Catalog to Find Books

Many useful resources are available in the Doane Library, including books, reference books, Ebooks, and videos. Additional resources may be available from other libraries by using Interlibrary Loan (see below). Select Libraries Worldwide in the limiters on the left side of the catalog to see what is available in those libraries.

Refer to the video below if you are unfamiliar with searching the catalog. If you have any questions or run into problems with your search ask the librarians for assistance. We're happy to help!

Search the catalog

Samples of Books Available in the Library

Here are just a few books on early childhood education available through the Doane Library:

Browsing Books by Call Number

The Doane Library uses the Library of Congress classification system for call numbers.

Here are some subject call numbers that may be useful for searching Child Development Information:

HQ 767.8 - HQ 792.2...Families and Children, Child development, child-rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights

HV 701 - HV 1420.5...Children, destitute, neglected, abandoned

LB 5 - LB 3640...Theory and practice of education

LB 51 - LB 885...Systems of individual educators and writers

LB 1025 - LB 1050.75...Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB 1050.9 - LB 1091...Educational psychology

LB 1101-LB 1139.5...Early childhood education

LB 1140 - LB 1140.5...Preschool education, Nursery schools

LB 1141 - LB 1489...Kindergarten

LB 1501 - LB 1547...Primary education

LC 3950 - LC 4806.5...Exceptional children and youth

LC 3991 - LC 4000...Gifted children and youth

LC 4001 - LC 4806.5...Children and youth with disabilities

Search the library book catalog, linked on the Doane Library home page, using these suggested search words or any words relating to your topic, use the suggested call number ranges to browse for titles of interest, or consult the list of recommended books below. Combine that phrase with one or two specific topic words, using the word “and” to combine your two topics, for example:

  • Early childhood education and teacher certification
  • Early childhood education and learning theories
  • Early childhood education and parent-child relationship

How to Find Books in the Catalog

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Last Updated: 08/2021

Interlibrary loan requests

Use our interlibrary loan (ILL) form to request resources from other libraries around the nation:

Perkins Library ILL Request