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Affordable Course Materials

Use this guide to help find licensed and freely available materials for your courses.

Why Do I Need to Log In to Access the Library's Resources Off Campus? 

Many of Doane's electronic resources are available only to current students, faculty, and staff. Due to licensing agreements, users must be authenticated through a proxy server. Searching for a database or article in Google will not include our proxy link prefix, so you will not be able to authenticate your Doane credentials to access the resource. You must always navigate to resources through the Doane website, or save links which include the proxy prefix (also known as stable links or permalinks).

How Does Off-Campus Access Work?

1. When you click an electronic resource on the library website, library catalog, or Canvas from off campus, the proxy will take you to a login page.

2. Enter your Doane username and password. (The same one you use to access Canvas, WebAdvisor, Gmail, etc.)

3. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Service Center at 402-826-8411 or

What Are Permalinks?

Permalinks, also known as stable or persistent URLs, ensure you and your students can access resources no matter where you are. Permalinks to databases, articles, eBooks, and other resources include the Doane Library proxy prefix and can be shared through your syllabus, Canvas site, or other means. They also ensure only those with a current affiliation to Doane can access resources from off-campus.

An example of a URL for the database ProQuest Central which includes the proxy prefix is:

Finding Permalinks in Databases

Permalinks for articles or eBooks are found in different places depending on the product. In EBSCO databases, the permalink is found by clicking the "Permalink" button at the right side of the item record screen (with the two chain-links icon).


In ProQuest databases, the permalink is found at the bottom of the Abstract/Details tab, under "Document URL."

Proxy Permalink Generator

Have a link to a library electronic resource and want to ensure it works both on and off campus? Use our Proxy Permalink Generator! It will add the proxy server's referring URL ( to the beginning of a link, ensuring off-campus access works correctly.

  • The link must be a stable, persistent link as opposed to a dynamic URL which includes session information that will expire and can't be reused, i.e., don't copy the URL in the address bar.
  • You do not need to add the proxy to freely available sites or links that already contain

1. Copy and paste the URL for the stable link here:


3. Copy and use this link. This new link will work for both on- and off-campus access.

4. to generate another link.


Please test the proxied link from off campus before sharing it. If you have trouble finding or creating a permalink, please don't hesitate to contact for help!