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Citation Basics

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Chicago Citation Examples

Basic examples of common citations in note-bibliography format. See the guides linked above for additional examples.

The first entry shown is the first note for a source.

The second entry shown is for subsequent notes for a source.

The third entry is the bibliographic entry for the note. This will be found in the bibliography at the end of the work.

Print Book

1. Antony Penrose, The Lives of Lee Miller (London: Thames and Hudson, 1985), 191.

2. Penrose, Lives of Lee Miller, 198.

Penrose, Antony The Lives of Lee Miller. London: Thames and Hudson, 1985.

Chapter in Edited Book

1. Tallulah Marie Osborn, Tall Tales and Little Conies, ed. Mattie M. Sable (Burlington, VT: Parrish Publishing, 1999), 23.

2. Osborn, Tall Tales, 147.

Osborn, Tallulah Marie, Tall Tales and Little Conies. Edited by Mattie M. Sable. Burlington, VT: Parrish Publishing, 1999.

Journal Article

1. Lana Hysell, "The Bone of Contention," Anthropomorphic Digest 7, no. 2 (2004): par. 8,

2. Hysell, "The Bone of Contention," par. 9.

Hysell, Lana. "The Bone of Contention." Anthropomorphic Digest 7, no. 2 (2004).


1. "Air Pollutants," Environmental Protection Agency, last modified August 22, 2012,

2. Environmental Protection Agency, "Air Pollutants."

"Air Pollutants." Environmental Protection Agency. Last modified August 22, 2012.


Examples from Excelsior Online Writing Lab (OWL) used under a Creative Commons Attribution-4.0 International License.
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