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Top Tips in a Nutshell

Get the essentials with this Tip Sheet (PDF). Then refer to the boxes on this and other tabs to the left for more in-depth information.

Access Library Resources Off Campus 

This first time you click on a link for any resource from the library, whether it's a link in the catalog or to a database, you will be prompted to login to the library's proxy server.

Doane library login page

You will recognize the Doane logo on the page; just enter your Doane login credentials on this page and you're in!

You don't need to login at any other time while you have your browser open (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). If you get any other login prompts, please contact the library for assistance.

Get Resources Not Available at Doane

There will be times when you find citations to articles, books or other pieces of information but the full text of the material is not online or not available in the library's collections. This is the time to use the library's interlibrary loan system! Click on the link below and fill out the form using your Doane Gmail address. The library staff will locate and borrow the material for you from other libraries around the country and sometimes the world.

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Students in Nebraska may also get a library card at another college or university in the state for free through the Reciprocal Borrowing Program. This will be faster than using Interlibrary Loan for books.

Questions about interlibrary loan:

  • What if I have several items I want to request? If you have a list of several citations to request you may email the list to the library, but please prioritize the list.
  • Do I have to use the form above if I'm searching in a library database? Several of the databases will have an interlibrary loan or "request this item" link within the database that you can fill out instead. It all works the same!
  • How long does it take? A journal article typically takes 24-72 hours to be sent to your Doane email -- they're yours to keep. Books and other physical items can take 7-14 days to arrive; they'll be sent to wherever you request and then you return them in a timely manner to the nearest Doane campus.

Manage Your Citations

The Doane library recommends the following bibliographic managers to keep track of your references as you progress through your research:
  • Zotero -- Another free app to cite and organize your research, but with only 300MB of free space for saving documents.
  • Mendeley -- This is a free citation and resource manager. You can download documents with 2GB of free space.
  • Purdue OWL -- This isn't a bibliographic manager but you get great help writing citations in APA.

For information on how to use these tools, visit our Mendeley and Zotero Research Guide.

Literature Review Tools

Don't know how to find the important points of a scholarly source for your lit review? How can you synthesize the information in your articles to write it? Try these worksheets to guide you