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PSY/SOC 230: Social Problems

News Sources

Google tricks to find better sources on the open web

Site:gov - only results from government websites

Site:edu - only results from educational institutions - only results from - only results from the Associated Press
(or insert your favorite trusted news source here)

Access the New York Times

New York Times - Registration & Access

Follow these directions to register for a Group Pass, and receive full access to extensive breaking news and multimedia of the New York Times without a personal subscription.


  • From a networked computer on campus visit
  • Search for / select Doane. You will be routed to our welcome page.
  • Use your Doane College email address to create a free NYTimes account
  • You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the START YOUR ACCESS screen
  • Now you can enjoy seamless access to, and NYTimes mobile apps by logging in to your account from any location


  • From a networked computer on campus visit
  • Search for / select Doane. You will be routed to our welcome page.
  • Click "Already have an account? Log in here" link, and enter your existing username (Doane email address) and password.


Phones: Mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch (IOS 5.0+), Android (OS 2.1+), and Windows (7.5 O.S.) phones are included as part of Academic Pass.

Tablets: Sorry, mobile apps for tablets are NOT part of the Academic Pass. However, you can access the mobile site ( through the browser on your tablet.

Evaluating Sources Videos

These videos were produced by Newswise.

Introduction to Verifying Online Information

Video Length: 3:13

Investigating the Source

Video Length: 2:44

Find the Original Source

Video Length: 1:33

Look for Trusted Work

Video Length: 4:10