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Library Activities

Activity 1

Open the article assigned to your group and this form. Decide on one person to record your answers. 

Activity 2

Do this on your own -- Use any database from the list on the right to find a full-text scholarly article on your topic, or something you're interested in if you don't have a research topic chosen. Save the article in your Google Drive. 


Library Session Wrap-up

What did you learn?

3-2-1 Library Session Survey

Library Databases

Databases for Related Subjects

Gender Studies
Diversity Studies

Google Scholar

Believe it or not, librarians encourage you to use Google Scholar for your academic research! There are many full-text articles available through Scholar that we don't have access to except by borrowing them from other libraries.
Google Scholar Search

How can I find out if an article on Google Scholar is available through the Doane Library?

The library's databases are linked with Google Scholar to provide access to articles and books at Doane. It takes just a few moments to setup!

  1. You should be logged into your Doane Google account, i.e., your Doane email, to apply settings in Scholar.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left corner of Scholar to open the menu.
  4. Click on Settings, then Library links.
  5. Enter "Doane" in the search box; two Doane University options should appear. Select both to take full advantage of the library's materials.
  6. Make sure to save!

Now you can search for scholarly articles and books, and see which ones Doane has access to! 

The "Find it at Doane" link will take you to the Library's journal search service. Click on "View Full Text" to access the article.
The "ProQuest Full Text" link takes you directly to the article in the ProQuest database. 


How can I get an article listed in Google Scholar if it doesn't have a link to Doane or a PDF?

Even if the article you want is not available through the Library's databases or doesn't have a free PDF, you can still get a copy of the article through the Library at no charge!

  1. Click on the "Cite" link below the article's information then copy (Ctrl + C on PC or Command +C on Mac) the APA-style citation.
  2. Open the Interlibrary Loan Request Form and login with your Doane username and password.
  3. Now you can paste the information from the citation into the corresponding fields. This takes a little work to select/drag or copy/paste, and you need to know how to read an APA citation to put them in the correct fields. Requests must have information in at least four fields: Journal title, Date, Title of article and Author of article.
  4. Once you click on "Submit request" the library staff will obtain the article from another library and email it to your Doane Gmail address, usually within 2 days.

Get Access to Full Text Articles

Sometimes you'll have a citation for an article but the database doesn't give you the full text of the article. How do you get the full article? Here are two options to try:

Journal Finder 

Find out if another database has the full text of an article

Interlibrary Loan

Get an article at no cost from another library