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Doane Library Services for Faculty


The tabs below will help you find Doane Library licensed resources you can use for your courses. Remember to always use permalinks when linking to eBooks, articles, or streaming video! Need more help? Email and we're happy to assist you!

Ebook Collections

Search for eBooks in the Library Catalog

Many Doane eBooks are accessible via the library catalog, so we recommend it as the place to get started with your eBook search. 

To get started go to the Doane Library Homepage and select "Books" in the search box.

Do a search for your keyword(s), title or author and in the left column filter Format to view ebooks. You can also add a filter by year for books published in the last 5 years.

To view the full-text of a book, click on View eBook. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the library (

Article Databases

Use library databases to search for articles you can use as course readings or your personal research. Remember to use permalinks if you assign an article as a course reading! Our A-Z database list can be filtered by subject to help tailor your search. Below is a link to a comprehensive multidisciplinary database where you might start your search.

Finding Known Articles 

If you have a specific article in mind and want to know if Doane provides access to it, you can use the Journals A-Z tool, which is available from the Doane library homepage (

Once there, type your citation into the Articles search form.

Click Search, and the results will show you whether or not Doane has full text access to the article through any of our database subscriptions. If we DO have the article, your results will look like this:

You should be able to click on any of the View Full Text links to read the article.

If we do NOT have access to the full text of the article you can request the article through InterLibrary Loan using the link in the search results.



Academic Video Online is Doane's largest database for unlimited access to streaming video. Videos in this database cover a variety of subjects including business, health sciences, psychology and counseling, history, music, and more. Click the following link for access: Academic Video Online.

If you don't find what you need in Academic Video Online, contact Jayne Germer ( to discuss options for use of our mediated streaming video services, including Kanopy and Films on Demand.

You can also search for video in the library catalog on the library homepage ( by selecting "Video" in the box before you search. Results will include both streaming (eVideo) and physical formats (DVD, BluRay, etc).