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LAR101: Rejected Rebels

This guide is meant to provide resources for students in the LAR101 course, "Rejected Rebels."

Understanding Bias

Using the "community of interpretation" that was assigned to your group, determine which of the three statements below is a "lie."

  1. Self-driving cars are good for the economy.
  2. Self-driving cars are safe to operate.
  3. Self-driving cars need a lot of rules and regulation.

The spreadsheets linked below contain three sources to think about as you make your decision. You will practice evaluating these sources using the questions in the spreadsheet. Don't be afraid to look up additional information if you aren't sure about an author or source.

All of the sources are real, legitimate sources - you are not trying to decide which source is a lie, only which of the statements above. However, your assigned community may have an opinion about the content of the source (is their perspective represented or not?).

Remember to be thinking in the mindset of your assigned community - for this activity, try not to let your own personal opinions influence your discussion!

  • Group 1
    Engineers at Tesla, Inc.
    • Perspective: This group develops technology to advance Tesla's business.
  • Group 2
    Representatives of the U.S. Department of Transportation
    • Perspective: This group creates policy related to vehicles and transportation issues.
  • Group 3
    Members of a consumer advocacy group such as the Center for Auto Safety
    • ‚ÄčPerspective: This group works to make sure products are safe for consumers to use.
  • Group 4
    Employees of the Crete Carrier Corporation (Commercial truck drivers) 
    • Perspective: This group makes a living by transporting materials around the country.