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CST 210 Foundations of Computational Science

This guide will help you complete research for the course CST 210 Foundations of Computational Science.

Search the Library Catalog

Books are a great source of in-depth information about a large or complex topic. Because they are longer works, books can place a topic in a broader context by providing multiple viewpoints, historical background, or interdisciplinary perspectives. The Doane Library catalog is where you will go to find books and eBooks that can help you with your research project.

How to use the Library Catalog

You can find physical books as well as eBooks in the Doane library catalog. To search for books, start at the Doane library website, In the discovery tool search box, click “Books” to limit your results to only books. Then, type your terms into the box and click the blue magnifying glass to search.

Your results will include books in both physical and electronic format, so if you are only looking for a certain format, you can use the limiters on the left side of the results screen to filter your results.

To read an eBook, simply click on the "View eBook" button and you will be taken right to a page where you can access the full text of the book.

If you want to check out a physical book, first make sure it says “Available." You will need to make note of the call number, come to Perkins Library, find it in the stacks, then check it out at the circulation desk using your Doane ID as your library card. If you have trouble finding the book in the stacks, just ask a library staff member for help!

We have some books in both print and electronic format. For those records, you will see both the View eBook button, and the location in the library with call number - it's great to have options!


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