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Reacting to the Past: India on the Eve of Independence, 1945: First Steps

Picturing Indian Independence

Photo of Rajendra Prasad, Jinnah, C. Rajagopalachari and Maulana Azad 

Simla conference (1946). Source: The Rajaji Story by Raj Mohan Gandhi

Online Reference Collections

You can do a search across all the references in each of these collections:

Start Here: Course Reserves

Course reserves: Doane University Library Catalog  (Search by Instructor's Last Name) - The best way to locate the additional material your professor has set aside for this class; be sure to carefully examine the footnotes and bibliographical references for leads on additional scholarship.  Scholars' suggestions are the vital key in any library search.

Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context gives you a wide variety of sources in one search. For example, search for India and you get:

  • overview
  • global viewpoints
  • reference articles
  • primary sources
  • academic journal article
  • statistics 
  • biographies
  • links to related topics such as India: Caste Conflict


These online encyclopedias may help you get a sense of the context of India's independence movement and the partition of the country into two countries.