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Education Doctoral Program Orientation

Literature Review Resources

You may find these worksheets helpful as you read through your sources. They can help you identify themes and summarize the salient points of the sources.

Related Guides

Major Education Databases

These are the education subject-specific databases to which the Doane library subscribes. See the list below for subject-related databases.

Databases on Related Subjects 

These databases cover subjects that may be related to education. Check the Databases A-Z list for other databases.

Staying Current: Search Alerts

One way to keep up with new research on your topic -- or a favorite professional journal -- is to create an alert within a database, such as EBSCO's Education Source. This way, you'll get an email when new articles are added to the database.
Look for the Share button in EBSCO and the Save search/alert link in ProQuest. Select how often you want the database to check for new materials and how long you want to receive updates for up to one year. Slick, huh?!

Books: Print & Digital

Looking for ebooks? Search the Library catalog for your subject then limit your search to ebooks, or search one of the ebook subscription databases available through the Doane Library.
Research Methods Books
These are just a few of the reference books about education research the Library has available. Use the catalog to find others. 

Dissertations & Theses

Want to see what other doctoral or masters students have written on your topic? This database will help you locate the majority of existing dissertations and theses.