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Troubleshooting E-resource Issues

This guide offers answers to the most common errors our users experience when attempting to access a library database or e-resource.

Who Can Use Library E-resources

All on-campus users are automatically authorized to use most Doane library databases and other e-resources.
All off-campus users will be asked to login through our proxy system. See Off-campus Access Issues for troubleshooting this process.

Only currently enrolled students, and faculty and staff are authorized to access the library's online resources from off-campus locations. Guests are welcome to use these resources in the library on the Crete campus.


You must access databases and other e-resources by using the library website:

Common Error Messages

When I clicked on the URL I got an error like this:

Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access.

If you are a library patron...

Please contact your library and provide the name of the resource you were trying to access and the Host line below so the library can work with you to correct this error.


If you are an EZproxy administrator...

To allow to be used in a starting point URL ...


This error means we do not have the e-resource set up within our proxy system. There are 2 things you can try:

  • The resource doesn't need to be authenticated. Copy the URL in the sentence that begins, "To allow ..." and paste it in a new browser tab. This should allow you access to the resource.
  • The resource is new to the library and the proxy has not been updated. If you try the option above and it doesn't work, this is very likely the problem. Please email; copy and paste the URL that didn't work, and a description or screenshot of where you found it -- be as specific as possible so we can duplicate the issue.

I can't find the full text option for an article 

Not every article listed in our databases has full text available within the database. You may, however, discover access to the full text by doing the following:

  1. On the library's main webpage, click on Journals A-Z.
  2. Enter the title of the journal -- not the article title.
  3. If there is full text in another database, that database will appear on this page. Make sure to check the volume, issue and dates included in the library subscription.

The database already has the maximum number of concurrent users

A few of our database subscriptions are limited by the number of users that can access them at one time. Try to access the database again in a few minutes.

The browser says the database website is not secure

Some databases do not begin with HTTPS and browsers are unsure of their safety. These databases are safe! You can continue or allow the website to open. 

Possible Fixes for Connecting to an E-resource

Clear your browser's cache and cookies

 Many times this will fix the issue. Make sure that your browser allows cookies since many databases require them.

Try a different browser

Occasionally a database works better with one or another browser. Also make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the browser

Disable your computer's firewall while using a database

Also you can add the database to the firewall exceptions so you don't experience the same problem the next time.

Adjust pop-up blocker settings

Some databases use pop-ups to deliver information so be sure your pop-up blocker allows pop-up from the specific vendor

Reporting Access Problems

If you continue to have access issues or any questions, please contact Be as specific as possible when describing your problem, including information on the following questions:

  • Where are you located? (e.g., at home or work, or on which one of the campuses)
    • If you are on a Doane campus, did you login with the "guest" wireless network or the "Doane" network? 
  • What are you trying to access? (e.g., name of the database, the citation for a specific article, the title of an ebook)
  • Where on the Internet are you trying to access it from? (e.g., the library catalog, the A-Z database list, link from a professor, Google Scholar)
  • What error message are you getting and at what point? (e.g., incorrect password, resource is not configured for access)
  • Which browser are you using? (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Have you cleared the browser's cache and cookies?
  • What is your IP address? (go to Google and enter "what is my IP address")
  • Are you using a VPN? 

If you have access problems within the library catalog, please use the "Report a broken link" option to report the problem.