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HIS 342 / PSI 342 - The Middle East and the Media

This guide is an introduction to some of the key resources for students doing research projects for the course "U.S. and the Middle East."

Other Library Books on the Middle East

Here is a sampling of books that may be useful for this project. Although these are all electronic versions, the library does have some in print as well. Remember that you must get Dr. Jarvis' approval to use any resource that is not on the list in Canvas.

Archival Resources

Archives Unbound is a treasure trove of historical resources on many different topics. Browse the 27 collections within the topic of Middle Eastern Studies, search for specific documents, and discover the frequency of word usage over time. 

The Library of Congress is another great place to discover digitized archival materials. Check out their research guide African, Jewish, and Middle Eastern Studies to explore the wide array of materials gathered by our nation's library.