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HIS 342 / PSI 342 - U.S. and the Middle East

This guide is an introduction to some of the key resources for students doing research projects for the course "U.S. and the Middle East."

Middle East News Agencies on the Internet

A simple way to find news from Middle Eastern countries is to search in Wikipedia for: "[country] news agencies" e.g., Iranian news agencies. The websites for the agencies are likely to have an English translation button, or you can use Google's translate feature.

Dr. Jarvis also recommends the following website to find international news in the English language:

News Media Transcripts

These databases also include broadcast transcripts from news sources other than newspapers, such as national television news programs.

Newspaper Sources

These databases include newspaper sources from the United States as well as countries around the world. 

News Magazines

The Doane Library has access to many periodicals that report international news. Here are a few suggested titles:

Other periodicals may be available through the library databases. 

Bias in News

Is all media biased? In some ways, yes, but you can work around biased reporting by finding different sides of the story from various sources. This chart from shows the political leanings of some American media sources. Check out to determine the biases that occur in media reporting.