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HIS 342 / PSI 342 - The Middle East and the Media

This guide is an introduction to some of the key resources for students doing research projects for the course "U.S. and the Middle East."

Middle East News Agencies on the Internet

A simple way to find news from Middle Eastern countries is to use this list of News Agencies by Country in Wikipedia. The websites for the agencies are likely to have an English translation button, or you can use Google's translate feature.

Dr. Jarvis also recommends the following website to find international news in the English language:

Middle East Newspapers and Other Media

The websites listed below are freely available on the Internet. However, if you want to search for particular topics or articles in a news source, use the links in the right column (login required when you are off campus).

News Websites (in English)


Newspapers in Databases

Ahram Online (Egypt)   Arab News - Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
Al-Jazeera (United Arab Emirates)   Bahrain News Agency
Al Arabiya (United Arab Emirates)   BBC Monitoring, Middle East (translated news)
Algerie Presse Service (Algeria)   Daily News Egypt
Asharq Al-Awsat (Pan-Arab)   FARS News Agency (Iran)
Bahrain News Agency   Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)
BBC Middle East (all countries)   Ha'aretz (Israel)
Gulf News (countries bordered by water)   Jerusalem Post (Israel)
Ha’aretz (Israel)   Jordan Times
Iran News   Kuwait News Agency
Iran Times   Middle East Newsstream
Jerusalem Post (Israel)   National Iraqi News Agency
Jordan Times   Oman News Agency
Kuwait News Agency   Qatar Tribune
Media Line (American news agency covering Middle East)   Riyadh Daily (Saudi Arabia)
MEMRI (translates regional-language media into English)   Syrian Arab News Agency
Mideast and Islamic Newspapers (historical newspapers)   Tehran Times (Iran)
Nawaat (Tunisia)   The Times of Israel
Tehran Times (Iran)   Times of Oman
Yediot Ahronot (Israel)   Yemen News Agency

Other News Sources

These databases include newspaper sources from the United States and countries around the world. 

Broadcast Transcripts and Other Resources

Transcripts of news programs on television, radio, podcasts and other media sources are another way to find information. Access transcripts from major television networks such as CNN, ABC and Fox, and radio programs like NPR's All Things Considered. You might also find articles published as web-only sources from news magazines like The Atlantic and websites like ProPublica.

Search the databases listed below to find these types of resources. 

Media Bias

Is all media biased? In some ways, yes, but you can work around biased reporting by finding different sides of the story from various sources. This chart from shows the political leanings of some American media sources. Check out to determine the biases that occur in media reporting.

Bias in International News

One easy way to discover a newspaper or news agency's bias is to look it up in Wikipedia. If it isn't stated in the article's introduction, look for a section called "Editorial Position." As always, though, with a social media site, try to look into its references.