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Reacting to the Past: Greenwich Village, 1913

Start Here!

Course reserves: Doane Library Catalog  (LAR101: Power of Stories) - The best way to locate additional material on suffrage, labor, and the New Woman to read the items on reserve for your class; be sure to carefully examine the footnotes and bibliographical references for leads on additional scholarship.  Scholars' suggestions are the vital key in any library search.

You also can browse the titles on the Finding Books page of this guide.

Online Reference Collections

Use online collections of reference books to simultaneously search several resources at one time using the search box on the page.
Gale Ebooks Reference Library can be searched through the search box but it also can be explored using the Topic Finder, which allows the searcher to see relationships between topics. Here is an example of related topics to the search for "Greenwich Village."

Topic finder


Use scholarly encyclopedias and dictionaries such as those below for an overview of your topic, definitions, a list of suggested readings, and (sometimes) a lead on related primary source material. These sources can put your character and the events into context and make your research more interesting. If you see a call number listed after a title, the encyclopedias are located in the Reference collection in the compact shelving in the southeast corner on the lower level of the library.

More Specialized Encyclopedias

The Doane library has many reference materials that contain more specialized information on various topics, such as these encyclopedias: